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Wu Chien Ch'uan

The second generation Master Wu Chien Chuan was originally employed by the Ch'ing court in the palace battalion of the Imperial Guards. After the emperor Puyi abdicated the throne, Chief of General Staff Yin Chang recommended Master Wu Chien Chuan to President Li Yuan Hong. Subsequently he was appointed teacher to the Eleventh Corps of the Presidential Body Guards. Among his students were Chiefs of Staff Chang I Ke, Tuan Chih Kui, Lu Mian and others.

In 1916 Wu Chien Chuan, along with other famous Wushu experts of the time Yang Shao Hou, Yang Cheng Fu, Hsu Sheng Chi Tzu Hsiu, Sun Lu T'ang, Liu En Shou, Liu Tsai Chen, Chang Chung Yuan, Tong Lian Chi, Chiang Teng Tsui, Hsing Shih Ju and others established the Beijing Institute of Physical Education. The Institute recruited more than sixty students from the teaching ranks of high schools and universities throughout Beijing.

Ma Yueh-liang
(1901- 1998)

Master Ma Yueh-liang,the son-in-law of Master Wu Chian-chuan, graduated from Peking Xie-he Medical College. He was addicted himself to Chinese martial arts when he was young. Wu's and Ma's families were friends for ages, so Master Wu Chian-chuan told him: "The Chinese martial arts need single-minded, if you can abandon your learning to follow me, I will teach you."So he learned from Master Wu Chian-chuan.

After Master Wu Chian-chuan died, the Association in Shanghai was run by Ma Yueh-liang and Wu Ying-hua. The husband and wife wrote the books of Wu Style Simplified Taichichuan, Wu Style Taichi Fast Form, Wu Style Taichichuan Explanation in detail.

Kwong Ming Lee
(1958 - Present)

Grandmaster Johnny Kwong Ming Lee or Lee Kwong Ming was born in Shanghai,China. In 1958 his family moved to Hong Kong, where at the age of 12 he began studying Northern Shaolin My Jhong Law Horn Kung Fu under the late Grandmaster Yip Yu-Ting. Master Yip was a respected and recognized member of the Four Supreme Excellent Masters of Hopei, China. He took Master Lee as his last personal student. In 1965 Master Lee became the personal student of the late General Sun Paul Kung. General Sun was a disciple of Grandmaster Fu Chen Sung, one of the original Five Tigers from Northern China. He taught Master Lee internal Kung Fu, Dragon Style Pa Kua Chang, Chi Kung and Wu Style Tai Chi. Master Lee also became the personal indoor student of the late Grandmaster Ma Yueh Liang, the Chinese Martial Arts national treasure of Wu Style Tai Chi in Shanghai.

In 1974 Master Lee moved to the US where he became one of the first Chinese masters to introduce the traditional Chinese Martial Arts into mainstream America.

Master Lee has been featured in many national Martial Arts magazines and has appeared on the covers of Tai Chi Magazine, Internal Arts and Journal of Chinese Martial Arts. Internal Arts magazine recognized him as one of the most knowledgeable masters of Pa Kua Chang in this country. Inside Kung Fu magazine called him a nationally respected instructor of the Chinese Martial Arts and Pa Kua Journal said he was one of the two best known Fu Style Pa Kua masters in the United States. He was also named Instructor of the Year and inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame. In 1998 he co directed, with Jeff Bolt, the World Kung Fu/Wushu World Championships in Orlando, one of the largest International Kung Fu tournaments held in America. This tournament was shown on ESPN.

The high degree of proficiency of Master Lee's teaching skills, applications of technique and theoretical insight into the Chinese Martial Arts, both internal and external, are best demonstrated through his students. They excel in national and world tournaments and hold many championship titles in forms, sparring and push hands.

The headquarters of Lee's White Leopard National Association are in Dallas, Texas. The branches of his schools are in Louisiana, Florida, Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Master Saleem Alamudeen
(Yee Gee Ling)
(1952 - Present)

Master Saleem teaches class


Lam Tang Shaolin Kung Fu Academy

1129 B Avenue
West Columbia, SC
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